Giving back is an important part of what we do.

Jason and Sal are committed to sharing their passion and helping in providing opportunities to the community – what does that mean?

In 1987 (I was 3 years old) my uncle took me to see the Great Moscow Circus. That would be one of the few arena shows I would see until I was in my late teens, taking the family to see a production is pretty expensive and a luxury. I also wouldn’t get onto a stage to perform until I was 20 years old!

-Jason Hodge
I still have that ticket from 1987! -Jason

With the ability to see in hindsight, it gives us the opportunity to help other creatives and kids in the community. How we plan to do this:

  • Donate USD$10,000 in grants in every city we perform in, for those in need, school books or things like creative performance spaces or instruments in schools
  • We will allocate 100 complimentary tickets per show, allocated to families that are doing it tough. We believe everybody should have the chance to see a Cirque production.
  • We will seek out local dance troupe in each city and pay them to perform in our productions
  • We will hold auditions in your city during the tour, looking for local performers and talent.
    We will have an link on the event page of each show with information of where and when we hold auditions.

    We will pick one artist per show to take a spot on the main stage in the show – not in the intermission, not before the crowd sits down, in the show!

    If you have a talent or act and especially if you have never had the opportunity to step onto a stage and perform in front of 2,000 people, we want to give you the chance to have that experience!

Dancer Auditions

We’re looking for Dancers to join the Cast in San Antonio for Le Cirque artists Live.

Request Grant

Does your school or community group need a little help? Requests for grants can be made here. The page will be available once we clear up some legals around donations.

Talent Search

WE WANT YOU! To perform your act in our Cirque productions..